Chinook Country Line Dancers - Calgary

Calgary Herald Readers' Choice GOLD Award:

Best Dance Studio 4 consecutive years 2016 - 2019

Nominee for Mayors White Hat Award

Nominee for Calgary White Hat Award 2017 / 2018

Two Time Calgary White Hat Nominee for Best Customer Service: Attraction

Welcome to Chinook Country Dance Studio!  The Chinook Country Line Dancers are an Award Winning Calgary Dance group providing professional dance instruction and performance opportunities in and around the Calgary area.  We play a wide variety of music and we have grown to be one of the largest and most popular dance groups in Southern Alberta.

Chinook Country dancers are a diverse group, people of all ages who share a love of dancing. You don't need a partner and dancing offers a fun and exciting way to fulfill physical, mental, expressive and social interaction.

Line dancing and modern dance classes are offered during the Fall, Winter and Spring culminating in a variety of optional performance opportunities during the entire year and throughout the Calgary Stampede.

If you live in Calgary or the surrounding area and are interested in having a lot of fun while getting the benefits of physical and mental exercise - dancing with the Chinook Country Dance Studio may be just right for you!